Listing Program

Authenticated Listing Program

 I have spoken to a number of past clients and I asked them what was the most stressful thing for YOU during the process of selling your home? Not all of the answers were the same, and frankly some of the answers suprised me! When all was said and done, I developed a service package that was guaranteed to take away as many, if not all, of the possible stress points in selling your home. Now naturally this is an emotional journey so there are going to be some ups and downs. However, with these factors taken care of in my full service package, you and your family are going to be able to focus on the postive during this experience rather than the negative. 

Services you will receive:

  •  Prelisting Building Inspection
  • Staging Consultation
  • 3rd Party Appraisal to establish value, if needed
  • All Strata Documentation Collected and Analyzed
  • Home is Professionally Cleaned
  • 3D Virtual Home Tour
  • Interactive Floor Plan
  • High-Definition Photography
  • Utilities Costs Analyzed and Prepared to Display
  • Upgrades/Updates List, if required

This program is a true game changer in the home sales market. I urge you to call me today and let me show you what an Authenticated Listing can do for you.

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